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Coated sand



UAB Techcoat-  coated and fractionated natural quartz sand supplier in the Baltic countries.


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Techgran PU a quartz beads coated with pigmented polyurethane-based binder. Our PU polyurethane-based binder has very good UV resistance, we have the opportunity to coat a quartz sand in practically all possible colors. 


Techgran EP -a quartz beads coated with an epoxy-based pigmented binder. Coated sand has a high chemical resistance, also has very good adhesion to epoxy resin-based binders. Besides the color sand has no odor and can be delivered in a very wide range of colors.  


Techgran N – It is natural quartz.

Coated and natural sand may be used:
as a filler or color gives the floor-which is the clear binder resin also in the form of decorative plaster manufacture of bituminous roofing panels, aquariums, playgrounds, florists, decorations and so on.